Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who pees their pants?

Honestly, I know I've had a few close calls, but really today was the second time someone has come into the shop looking for a bathroom. They go. Come back. Bam pee all over their pants and nope not nonchalant about it one bit. They admit is and then proceed to stand there and talk to me with their pants covered in pee!

The first time was a few months ago a woman in all white Capri's. I felt bad for her she really needed to go and I said sure go ahead I could tell she had to go she was squirming. So I figured she was alright and she probably totally could have played it off and walked out an said thanks, but stopped and said is this too obvious that I just peed my pants and there is a wet mark the whole way down her white Capri's. What am I supposed to say? Awkward. I told her I could get my blow dryer if she wanted. She declined.

Then today a guy is asking for an OJ and if we have a bathroom he proceeds to buy the juice and then says he really has to go. What is funny is that most people come in use the bathroom and don't even offer to buy something so here the poor guy is trying to do what is right and then comes back again pee all over his pants and goes "well I guess I didn't make it" you sure didn't! This guy was definitely off he was telling me how he got out of some mental place and is on all sorts of crazy meds. Dude, you should have gone to the bathroom and then paid for your drink is all I'm saying. I wouldn't have held it against you-half my other customers do that. He stayed and talked and smoked a cigarette for the next ten minutes while I had to stare at his pee soaked pants.

I think the moral of the story is to just play it off like nothing has happened don't draw attention to yourself. It makes it awkard for both you and me!

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  1. when I was working at a health club, one of the 400 lb members (who came every single day, pretty much just to chat and not work out), brought me 4 plants that all died immediately. They were very large, too large to carry to my apartment alone. The worst thing it, I only worked there for a few weeks and had all of these plants from this guy!