Monday, January 25, 2010

It all started with a doll!

Let's just start with by no means am I a well written or spoken human being, but I have just had too many entertaining events in the past few months of owning my coffee shop that really need to be posted even if it's just for my friends to brighten their dull office space type of days.

I could have started this when I looked out the coffee shop and saw a naked man and called the police and they just said "oh where is he now?" or the time I looked out and saw a man on the high rise across the street in his tightey-whiteys just chilling smoking a cigarette watering his plants (I video taped it-couldn't resist). Not to mention that pot dispensary that is literally half a block down from me I've had the skateboarder going by smoking a bowl or even customers tip me with a little nug wrapped inside a dollar!

But all started yesterday when I had one of my regulars ask me if I would like a doll...Here I am thinking ok sure. It's a doll I have enough friends with kids that I could surely pass this off and someone would be super excited to have it. So I go off on my merry way to go run through Balboa Park and let my business partner run the shop for a bit. My customer says he'll bring it over since he lives across the street (my coffee shop is smack dab across the street from two 65 and older high rises -so most of my entertainment is based on people in their seventies). I come back from my run and Chris goes..."Um, your doll is here." I look at him, look at the box and call out to my customers and say thanks. At this point both the guy that purchased this doll (elderly gay man) and the friend (former cop-as far as I know not gay) he gave the doll to are sitting there in anticipation for me to open this box. "Dear God!" I cry out not loud enough for them to hear and I just have to shut the box. It's too disturbing here lies a mermaid doll that has the face of a chucky or ventriloquist doll. It's beyond freaky. So here comes my customer that bought this and he couldn't be happier than a peach to tell me that this doll is worth $500 and it's in mint condition and if I keep it and sit on it a while I could easily sell it for more than a thousand bucks. Shit, I couldn't even bring myself to bring the doll back to my apartment at the end of the day. I swear if I brought it home I would have woken up in the middle of the night to it in my bed staring at me. Anyway, here are some pics of the doll and hopefully you can appreciate a good laugh. Until next time.

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