Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coffee Shop Pet Peeves

Let me just say I love, love, love my customers and my coffee shop....but

  • Why do people insist on paying with a $100 bill for a $1.50 coffee??? Please people you aren't proving anything to me I'm broke I like, $5s, $10s, and quarters. Quarters are for all you people who also think that I am a change distributor for the meters!
  • The guy that comes with a bit of tissue on his cut from shaving and asking me about the young girls around and if I know them and can introduce them to him! Dude do you really want to be introduced to chicks when you have a bloody tissue on your chin? Think about it.
  • The guy that calls me Fifi every fucking day! Dude my name is Phoebe bitch! Doesn't he know for an entire summer at tennis camp I was called "Fifi the apeish dog woman" and was traumatized! So I do not like being called Fifi at all.
  • Same guy as above who comes and wants me to spot him a coffee for 50 pennies, but he's good for it. Dude I don't want your shitty pennies and no I will not give you a coffee so he asks for a water drinks half a sip and leaves why did he even bother with the water and waste my time?
  • Ughh cigarettes I get it. It's apparently the perfect pairing a hot cup of Joe with a nice drag on a cigarette, but damn I'm gonna get second hand smoke here! Then there are the few customers that want me to take their still lit cigarettes and ash it out when they are done really people that is drawing the line you smoked it you stab it out. Nasty.
  • The woman who was like "ugghhh.....yeaaahhh....I don't know what I want.....umm...hmmm..lavender vanilla that gooood?" What do you think? Of course it is fucking good or I wouldn't have it on my menu if it wasn't. Idiot!
  • The guy that insists my coffee lids do not fit my cups. Why the hell would I buy coffee lids that don't fit my boiling hot beverage? Of course they fit ass clown you just gotta push it down. Common sense here people.
  • Bad tippers....granted we have a lot of people that do tip, but boy has my mindset changed on when and what a person should tip for. I used think ahh it's not a big deal it's just coffee. Damn I worked hard at making everything that goes into your delicious latte from the homemade chocolate sauce, to the the real vanilla bean or cinnamon and chili de arbol syrup. I tip a dollar to the bartender for opening a bottle of beer for me (which recently happens more often than not-needing a beer at the end of the day!) come on and give me a bone or two. You better believe when I master latte art that is totally worth an extra 50 cents in the tip jar!

I'm sure the list could go on and on, but I'll stop for now. Thanks for listening haha.

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