Tuesday, February 2, 2010

John Diego Rodriquez

I know I poke fun at my older customers, but in all actuality I love them. One of my favorites is John Logan. He is I think 82 years old it would change every once in a while depending if their was a young lady around that he wanted to impress.

John would introduce himself as John Diego Rodriquez when a new customer came in. He would then go on his banter that I have heard probably every day since we have opened usually starting off with a Shakespeare quote or the good ole "here's looking at you sweetheart" as he drank down his coffee that he always pretended was spiked with something.

We talked about running off and closing the coffee shop he always proposed to me and then would get mad if I told him in front of another customer that we were already supposed to be getting married and that he wasn't allowed to propose to my other customers! He used the GI Bill to go to the conservatory of music in Cincinnati and every once in a while would sing to me or do a little jive.

I bring up all these fond memories because it was brought to my attention that his family has come to take him away from the studio he lived in across the street from the coffee shop. In the past six months I've also watched John slowly decline and start getting dementia so I wanted to say a few kind words about him because he really did brighten my day so..."Here's looking at you John..."

Take time to enjoy the people in your life and learn from your elders they have a lot of wisdom and good advice.

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